We are Building the Future

Dreaming is the Basis of This Business

Enjoy Life with Modern Living Spaces

On our way, “How should a better world, a more livable environment be?” We set out to find the answer to the question.

The inspiration we got from the past and our culture has illuminated our way while designing today's buildings that touch people.

How happy are we; We have the chance to live in the same land as Mimar Sinan, who is "not impossible" and benefit from his genius. Thanks to; We know that there cannot be an architectural understanding that does not include people in its center and that does not include the environment, social life, economy and even anthropology, psychology, sociology and philosophy in its formula, and we adopt a holistic approach in our works. With this multi-disciplinary approach, which we accept as a heritage, we modernize the past and bring it to the present.


MAX YAPI GAYRİMENKUL company was established in 1985 and has served in the fields of Construction, Contracting, Architecture and Decoration from past to present. It continued the flag of an Izmir-based company as the 3rd generation of its ancestors. The company held a prestigious position in Kuşadası between 2010-2017. He successfully carried out the design and implementation of the projects.

MYMAX YAPI has been fulfilling its commitments in Kuşadası Region since 2017, contributing to employment with its housing constructions. provides a home for many families. Kusadasi Region with its extraordinary architectural residences. has taken its place as a leading Construction and Architecture firm. It will continue to take…